IRIDE145 is proud to introduce one of our newest sponsored riders, James, aka @jamesmynames, who is the truth in the motorcycle stunt riding community!  @Jamesmynames was born in Elizabeth and raised in Roselle, NJ and has been riding all his life. @jamesmynames whole family rides, so it's no surprise he has always been a motorcycle enthusiast. As many of us do, @jamesmynames also uses riding as an escape and for a sense of freedom from the restraints of everyday life - and does so in style. His focus has been on stunt riding for the past 3 years, but his passion for riding with his crew 973 Bike Life parallels his love for stunting. Shout out to @jamesmynames sponsor Charlie's Chop Shop! What is his bike of choice you ask? The Honda CRF450R, but he can ride anything. @jamesmynames embodies what we at IRIDE145 stand for - a deep passion for riding with a desire to bring together and support our community and fellow bikers alike. Check him out!